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Since the border with China reopened, Hong Kong has continuously introduced new measures and policies to attract talents and investment to enhance Hong Kong’s competitiveness.


Yesterday, the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Mr. Lee Ka-chiu, released the 2023 policy address, which includes the establishment of the “Talent Services Office”, the expansion of the list of universities for the “High-end Talent Pass Scheme”, the relaxation of employment and tourist visas, the scheme for vocational college graduates to stay in Hong Kong, etc., as well as a new migration scheme. This item is of great concern – the implementation of the “Capital Investor Entry Scheme” to enhance the development advantages of Hong Kong’s asset and wealth management, financial and other related professional service sectors.


The policy address proposes that qualified investors who have invested at least HK$30 million in stocks, funds, bonds and other assets (excluding real estate) in Hong Kong can apply to come to Hong Kong through this new Capital Investor Entry Scheme.


More details will be announced later the year.


The “Capital Investor Entry Program” (generally known as the Hong Kong Investment Immigration Program) is the only immigration option in Hong Kong that allows the whole family to obtain Hong Kong status without working or establishing a business. It was first launched in October 2003 but was later suspended in January 2015. In line with the current policy of the HKSAR government’s “Competing for Talents and Enterprises”, the relaunch of Capital Investor Entry program will be great news for those who want to obtain permanent residence status in Hong Kong. We will continue to update you the latest news on this program.