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Hong Kong, the bustling international financial capital, has made remarkable progress in the field of family offices in recent years. Family offices, which provide wealth management and family services to wealthy families, have grown rapidly and become an important part of family wealth management in Hong Kong.


The development of family offices in Hong Kong benefits from its unique geographical advantages, sound legal system and mature financial market. As an important financial center in Asia, Hong Kong has attracted many of the world’s wealthy and ultra-high net worth individuals to live and invest. These people have high requirements for the inheritance and growth of family wealth, and the family office is the ideal choice to meet these needs.


In Hong Kong, family offices are not only numerous, but also diverse. There are both single family offices that serve only one family and joint family offices that serve multiple families. With professional teams and extensive experience, these family offices provide families with a full range of wealth management services, including asset planning, financial advisory, tax planning, philanthropy and more.


It is worth mentioning that Hong Kong family offices have performed particularly well in terms of investment. They not only focus on the local market, but also actively explore overseas markets to diversify risks by diversifying investments across regions and asset classes. This investment strategy allows the family office to maintain solid returns in the complex and volatile international financial markets.


In addition, the Hong Kong Family Office also focuses on the development of family governance and non-financial functions. They not only focus on increasing the value of family wealth, but also strive to promote harmonious coexistence among family members and sustainable development of the family business. By providing professional family governance consulting and education services, the Family Office helps family members better understand and manage family wealth and achieve long-term family prosperity.


The Hong Kong SAR Government also attaches great importance to the development of family offices and has actively taken measures to promote the growth of this field. In the Policy Address, the SAR Government has set a target of assisting no less than 200 family offices to set up or expand their business in Hong Kong by the end of 2025. The Government has also introduced a series of facilitation policy measures to enhance Hong Kong’s comprehensive services for global wealth owners and attract more global tycoons to set up family offices.


Looking ahead, the future of family offices in Hong Kong is very promising. As the global economy continues to evolve and the number of ultra-high net worth individuals continues to increase, the demand for family offices will continue to grow. At the same time, with the continuous progress of technology and the advent of the digital age, family offices will also face new challenges and opportunities. As an international financial centre, Hong Kong will continue to leverage its advantages in the field of family offices to provide more professional, efficient and convenient services to wealthy families around the world.


In short, the development of family offices in Hong Kong is remarkable, and their professional capabilities and unique advantages in wealth management, investment, family governance and other aspects have provided strong support for the inheritance and appreciation of family wealth. In the future, the Hong Kong family Office will continue to play an important role in the global wealth management field, bringing prosperity and success to more families.